me and angelaHi, My name is Christine Longette, the “mom” half of the mother-daughter team that owns and operates Brazen Bras Boutique in Freehold, NJ.

The whole idea of opening our shop happened over a lost bra. Yes, you read that correctly, a lost bra! Seems that the “one and only” bra in my wardrobe that was comfortable, made me feel wonderful and look great too, had disappeared. Thus began my search for a new bra.

I don’t wear a size that is carried in department stores or in those specialty shops in the mall, so my choices were limited – either I had to drive at least 35 minutes to a bra boutique in another town, or I could take my chances and buy online. Neither of those choices made me happy so I set out to create the bra boutique that was missing from central New Jersey.

I wanted to create a place where women could feel comfortable in their bodies, where they would not fear judgment, and where they would leave with a new bra or lingerie that made them feel bold, beautiful, and brazen – no matter what their size or style or body type. This new boutique should be a little edgy, a little sexy, but still be classy. It should be a place where any woman of any age can feel comfortable and can invent or reinvent herself without guilt or shame, and where she can always come for a proper fitting, or even just to try on some fun lingerie and play dress up. Confidence and comfort is what I wanted to offer.

Since this was too big of an endeavor to take on alone, and because I wanted to appeal to women of all ages, I enlisted the help of my daughter, Angela. We researched brands and styles and learned all about bra fittings and lacing corsets, and we filled our store with all the things that were missing from our previous bra and lingerie shopping experiences.

We know what it’s like to have a hard time finding a bra. That’s why we’re a store where you’ll find a very wide range of sizes and personal service that is just what you have been searching for. We offer a wide selection of brands from around the world in an elegant yet comfortable setting where you’ll feel at home. Visit Brazen Bras Boutique to see for yourself why we’re the one place you’ll want to keep coming back to.

We want every woman to feel confident and sexy, which is why we do our best to carry bras, lingerie, and sleepwear in various sizes and styles. We also carry layering basics, shape-wear and accessories as well as other “feel good” essentials for women.

And… men’s underwear. Our selection of men’s underwear is luxurious and looks great on him. Pick him up one pair and he will throw away all the other undies in his drawer and ask you for more of these. Yes, they’re that good!

Shop your way. We know that there are some days that a woman is more comfortable browsing on her own so we have placed our extensive selection at your fingertips with sizes organized in easy to find drawers. Prefer to be catered to? Then let us take care of you. We’ll set you up in one of our roomy fitting rooms with a comfy robe and will bring you whatever you need. Whatever your preference, we’re here to make you comfortable.

We carry a very wide range of bands (28-50) and cup sizes (A-K) in all the essential colors. But if your ideal bra or other lingerie item is a combination of size and color that we do not have in stock, we can special order it for you.

We are anxiously awaiting your arrival. No appointments necessary during business hours!